Hydraulic Shoring Pump

We supply a range of hydraulic hand pumps and accessories to work alongside your hydraulic grave shoring. Single action pumps are available in either a 10litre and 15 litre capacity. All hydraulic hand pumps can be supplied with a 2metre hose and sufficient fluid, of your choice, to meet your requirements. We also supply a range of hydraulic hoses and bridles, which are available with our superb zero pressure valves. These allow easy connection, disconnection and re-connection under pressure. No need for expensive couplings that promise and don’t deliver.

Water Pump

Whether it`s site water containing silt and sand or plain freshwater, the WB20 pump is ideal for shifting it fast. The 2″ WB20 is capable of moving 600 litres a minute. These tried and tested units are mounted on vibration-reducing rubber dampers to ensure smoother running and maximise the life of the heavy duty tubular steel frame.