Grave Shoring Maintenance & Testing

We offer extensive grave shoring testing and maintenance to aid compliance with PUWER guidelines to ensure all grave shoring equipment is serviced and maintain to the highest standards. Our grave shoring testing operatives travel with a fully stocked vehicle ensuring any disturbance to your daily operations is kept to an absolute minimum as the majority of repairs to equipment is carried out on site allowing for certification of equipment to be issued without delay. Our operatives also report on condition of all grave shoring equipment providing advisory points where necessary relating to usage, damage and repairs carried out.

Our tests include a visual inspection of all components of your shoring systems whether that be hydraulic, telescopic, speed brace or butterfly brace systems.

In the case of hydraulic shoring each component of the system undergoes a pressure test and is tested to three times its normal work load ensuring the equipment more than meets the requirements of its everyday use. Should a piece of hydraulic equipment fail the pressurised test our operative will dismantle the equipment to find the fault checking all seals and injectors of the hydraulic rams, pipework and pump. With any faults identified in the hydraulic grave shoring system out operative will then replace damaged components from our vehicle stock parts and retest the hydraulic shoring system ensuring all repairs restore the damaged piece of equipment to perfect working order.

A visual inspection of grave shoring panels is also carried out and where possible any damage to the grave shoring panels is repaired on site with the exception to welding repairs as all welding repairs are carried out in our workshop by highly skilled multi medium welders.

Both our speed brace and butterfly brace grave shoring systems undergo a visual inspection and physical test. As with our other grave shoring systems both the speed brace and butterfly brace systems are repaired on site by our operatives with new components from our vehicle stock.

In the case of our telescopic grave shoring range a full visual inspection of each panel is carried out. Each individual panel is then tested to ensure the inner shoring unit moves freely and also locks with the safety bolt to ensure the units are safe to use in location when being carried by operatives. Any required repairs that are needed to ensure each of the telescopic grave shoring panels are carried out on site with the exception to welding, all welding works are carried out in our workshop.

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How we can help

Aid with PUWER compliance
On site grave shoring testing
On site grave shoring repair
Certification of grave shoring
Report Findings
Advise on Usage

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