Grave Shoring Accessories

End Protection

End protection is simple and quick to attach and is fully detachable when not required, it has become a very popular addition to the shoring requirement. Its matched panel depth means it can go into the excavation at the earliest possible time. If you need end protection, its there from the start.

Retrieval Sling

CE Marked and Rated Looped Slings for Grave Shoring Retrieval, various lengths available.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders All our hydraulic cylinders are manufactured so that they are totally interchangable between panels, made of the finest aluminium, they are robust and reliable. Ranges of sizes available (Cylinder Sizes) A 18”(457mm) to 30”(762mm) B 26”(660mm) to 42”(1066mm) C 35”(889mm) to 56”(1422mm) D 18.25”(470mm) to 26.25”(665mm) E 26.25”(655mm) to 25.25”(895mm) F 27 3/8” (695mm) to 46”(1170mm) G 21.5”(545mm) to 35” (890mm) Z 12” (305mm) to 18” (458mm).

Hydraulic Hand Pumps & Hoses

Single action pumps are available in either a 10ltr or 15ltr capacity. All hydraulic hand pumps can be supplied with a 2metre delivery hose, and sufficient fluid of your choice to meet your requirements.Please note how a modern installation kit is different from traditional. We supply a range of hydraulic hand pumps and hydraulic hoses and bridles to suit your working requirements and to work alongside your hydraulic grave shoring. Supplied separately or as a complete installation kit. We can supply them with our superb zero pressure valves which totally remove any connection, disconnection or re-connection under pressure problems. No need for expensive couplings that promise but don’t deliver. See for yourself how safe and easy it makes hydraulic couplings.

Hydraulic Shoring Connectors and Hoses

We offer a wide range of hoses, connectors (including the zero pressure valves) this pictures shows a small selection.

Hydraulic Shoring Fluid

With hydraulic systems used more and more as sealed systems now, Teleshore offer a range of hydraulic shoring fluids to suit your needs. Availabile in 5ltr and 20ltr containers, we can offer the best option for you. For those clients who operate a fully sealed system and see the benefit of removing any risk of systems freezing, our solution offers the perfect answer. With no risk of conventional Anti-freeze finding all the leaks and perishing all seals and hoses. For the operators who still wish to work with a water soluable product, we still have a fluid that can be diluted with water to a range of strengths. More than ideal for summer months and winter at differing strengths.

Lifting Eyes

Our calibrated, certificated and CE marked lifting eyes can be used with any hydraulic system. Fitted retrospectively, they work superbly well with any mechanical installation and removal, giving pinpoint accuracy and helping avoid any potential manual lifting.

Telescopic Shoring Storage Racks

Designed to accommodate 20 telescopic shore panels Compact design, Ideal for limited storage space Easily transported.