Floral Tribute Stands and Troughs

Floral Tribute Stands

.Floral Tribute Stands are available in either a straight leg design or with the 4 scroll. The are available in 18″ or 24″ height and the card holder comes with a protective perspex card cover.

Floral Troughs

Lightweight but durable. The flower troughs are manufactured from recycled polypropylene. Very aesthetically pleasing and manufactured to your required size. All troughs are fitted with an easy drain system, allowing any stale water to be drained away via a hose removing either the need for operatives to handle the water or to try and lift heavy planters to drain them. They can be refilled as and when required. They have a fully coated mesh top to allow ample room for posies or bouquets to be placed. The mesh can be removed for cleaning when required.

Information Stands

Information Stands are 3′ in height and can be supplied with a White on Black Engraved Perspex Plaque (with the text of your choice)..

Soil Box Stand

Steel Soil Box Stand, will hold our wooden or polypropelene hand held soil Box.