Burial Vaults and Chambers

Ultima Vault Liner

Non Porous and Non Biodegradable. Sealed with Traditional Tongue and Groove concept and Special Butyl Seal. Materials withstands 6,500lbs per sq.fot and over 60,000lbs of total load after burial.

Teleshore Burial Vault Liner

The Teleshore Vault Liner offers simplicity and protection that is unrivaled in its value. Molded of non-biodegradable polypropylene and withstands 5,100lbs per sq.ft and over 44,000lbs of total load after burial. Seamless Construction with Clip Lock System.

Burial Chamber

Manufactured from high quality polypropylene. Tested to withstand pressures in excess of 3 tonnes and on some models up to 17 tonnes, they offer a strong solution to help avoid ground sinking and collapsing.