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Specialist Renovation

Specialist Renovation MEMSAFE LTD have the facility and expertise to undertake the most demanding of tasks, as well as the most delicate and intricate. We have a long and proud history of working with such high profile customers such as The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, where attention to standards and safety are a very high […]

Memorial Repair and Reinstatement

Memorial Repair and Reinstatement MEMSAFE LTD has a commitment to assist our clients to keep the history and character as well as the safety of their cemeteries and burial grounds. From the very start, we avoid where possible the sad situation of permanently laying down some of the beautiful craftsmanship and history there is in […]

Making Safe Memorials

Making Safe Memorials MEMSAFE LTD believe that it is simply not acceptable that once a memorial headstone has been identified as unsafe, that it is ignored or left as someone else’s problem. For that reason, we will determine before any inspection programme is started, that we have a solution to problems for you, assessing the […]

Memorial Inspection and Examination

Memorial Inspection and Examination MEMSAFE LTD Inspection and examination engineers are fully trained, experienced and conversant with all aspects of memorials. We ensure that MEMSAFE engineers are aware of all current legislation, instruction or codes of practice and will conduct all inspections accordingly. All of our inspection teams are fully equipped with the latest technology […]